erwin eisch

Born 18 April 1927 Frauenau, Germany Harvey Littleton called his first meeting with Erwin Eisch “a milestone” in his development as a glass artist. In August 1962 Littleton was visiting Germany on a research grant when he noticed, in the showroom of the Rimpler Kristall glass factory in Zwiesel, a piece of glass that was unlike the other objects on display. Littleton was told that it was from the Eisch Glass Factory in the nearby town of Frauenau. Visiting the Eisch factory, Littleton met Erwin Eisch and marveled at his expressionistic free-blown glass objects. “Meeting Erwin confirmed my belief that glass could be a medium for direct expression by an individual,” he wrote.

telephone, 1976

telephone, 1976

reference: Collection de l'artiste

material: verre soufflé dans une forme et doré a la feuille d'or

dimensions: 19 x 18 x 12 cm

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